Flash Photography with Aaron Linsdau

introduction-strobe-miniAaron Linsdau teaches the basics of off-camera flash strobe photography in this video. He will demystify off-camera strobe and help you improve your images. With the fundamental understanding this video provides, you will have the ability to take control of your images.

Relying on available light restricts your photographic potential, limiting the types of images you can make. After watching this video, you will have an understanding of the concepts and techniques available to you for using off-camera strobes. Once you take control of the light, your photographic potential will be limitless.

The video breaks down lighting basics, explaining the different names of light positions, strobe trigger types, and some ways to use your strobes. The video is filled with tips and tricks the pros use to get their “wow” shots. You will learn these tricks and gain confidence to make your photographs great.

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