Update Your Marketing

It is time to get the marketing up to date. I have been getting help from the Small Business Administration. Try this resource out. There is no charge, and they can get you started or improve what you have. After a review, the following are some of the suggestions.

The business card needs to be self explanatory at first glance such as cameras and lights for a video business. Put on your creative hat. Make sure to put your photo on your card. It makes it more personal. People want to know who they’re calling, or who it was that gave them the card.

Their next suggestion is a flyer. It is good to make it look somewhat like your card. Maybe, you just want to make the top look like your card background with your business title. Tell people what it is you do in a paragraph and the value of what your product is in another at the top. The rest can be photos (eye catching) of your production work in categories such as commercials or web video or again describe your business. To add to this, create a postcard that is an abbreviation of the card and flyer. Put the business card, post card and a flyer into a manila file folder that your customer can easily fit into their vendor file.

Finally, coordinate your website to have a general look, graphics and color, of your card and flyer. Again, think of your customer. Make it easy for them to know what you do on the first page. Make buttons for your categories of business and testimonies on your front page. Recent testimonies are best (last two years). The SBA suggests you use a two click website. Make it quick and easy for your customers. Use lots of text and key words to improve your search status.

Happy selling,