Add a PayPal button to WordPress

To add a Paypal button to WordPress, you do not need a plugin or any other tool. All you need is the logo from paypal buttonPaypal and the email code to do it. What’s that you ask?

Read on.

Follow these steps and you can add your own Buy It Now or Donate button to your WordPress website or blog.

How to add a Paypal button to your WordPress site  or blog

Create a Paypal button.

Do not check these options, otherwise this will not work.

no options


Create the button.

Then you will see two options:

email options


Select the email option and copy the text. If you do not see the email tab, you have selected an option that does not allow email links, such as custom text fields or the like. You have to make a very stripped-down button.

Then either copy a Paypal button and insert it as a picture into your page or switch to Text edit and enter the codes found at the bottom of the page:

If you use the text edit to enter the button picture URL, like

<img alt="Buy Now Button with Credit Cards" src="" />

Then switch back to Visual mode.

Then here’s the magic to make this work. In Visual edit mode, click the button picture and select link:

Create link


And then enter the URL you copied from the Email tab in Paypal.

That’s it. You will now have a secure Paypal link with a button in your WordPress page. No plugins, fighting with website code or anything else. WordPress does not support forms, so you must either use plugins or this very easy method. Copying the regular code Paypal generates and entering it into the WordPress Text mode does not work.

This technique does.