Tim puts on his producer hat to explain an import/export issue that some are calling a flicker, and he explains a way to solve it using Edit Ready.

I have a 2011 iMac Pro with High Sierra 10.13.6 and FCPX 10.4.4. I was using a Canon Vixia HF G20. It is also discussed on…

Another issue noticed the ending times are different: FCPX clip ends 10:18;03 and the Edit Ready Clip ends at 10:17 ;03.

Sharing FCPX 10.1 projects

FCPX projectsThere are questions all over the net about how to share Final Cut Pro X (FCPX) 10.1 projects between different sites and editors. There are some discussions about how to use XML to transfer the files, or having shared drive locations. Those all may work, but they’re not useful with a 2 hour film’s worth of media (30+ hours) shared between different sites.

We at TVL Video have been using this technique to work on films between our locations in San Diego and Jackson Hole. The process has worked flawlessly and we thought we’d share the procedure with the rest of the FCPX community.

This procedure is wordy but meant to lay everything out as clearly as possible. Using this process, you will have a file small enough to fit in email, without having to transport video files around. This whole procedure is reliant on both sites have the same video files in the same Library and Event. That’s the one trick to it. As we’ve added files to the project, it’s easy to transfer them around. But there was no practical way to ship 168GB worth of footage around. So we shipped a drive to our Jackson site, brought both up and everything is working perfectly. We can review dailies and share our edits without issue.

Here’s the procedure:

Create a copy of the project to be transferred

– Click the project
– Right click and select Duplicate Project

Rename the duplicated project to the next version
Click and select the new project

File -> Copy Project to Library -> New Library
Select Movies on System Drive
Name the library “Transfer lib Vxxx”, where xxx = current project name
Click Save

In the popup window, make sure Optimized Media and Proxy Media are UNSELECTED
click OK
Wait a few seconds, then cancel any rendering activity
Select the new library
Right click on the created library and close it out of FCPX


Go to finder, find the created transfer library
Select transfer library
Right click on transfer library, select Show Package Contents
Go to the event folder (probably just a date)
Go to the Original Media folder
Delete all media out of that folder
Empty the trash

Go back up to the Movies folder or wherever you created the transfer library
select the library
Right click on the library
Compress “library name”
This creates a ZIP file that can be emailed
Delete the transfer library so only the zip file remains

Email or WeTransfer the ZIP file

Drop received ZIP file into the Movies folder
Right click on ZIP file and click “Open”
This will create an unzipped Library file
Delete the received ZIP file

Open FCPX 10.1
File -> Open Library -> Other
Click the Locate… button
Find the transfer library and open it

At this point, all of the clips will be broken. That’s okay.

Copy (click and drag) the video project to the Event folder (Antarctic Film)

When the copy control pop up appears, make sure Optimized and Proxy media are UNCHECKED
Click OK

Close the transfer library (right click, select close)
Open the transferred project in the Event folder

The project should now relink to all of the media, the project thumbnail may still show broken links, Eventually it seems to recover

In finder, delete the Transfer Library file (to eliminate confusion)

Good luck and enjoy sharing FCPX projects.


Add a PayPal button to WordPress

To add a Paypal button to WordPress, you do not need a plugin or any other tool. All you need is the logo from paypal buttonPaypal and the email code to do it. What’s that you ask?

Read on.

Follow these steps and you can add your own Buy It Now or Donate button to your WordPress website or blog.

How to add a Paypal button to your WordPress site  or blog

Create a Paypal button.

Do not check these options, otherwise this will not work.

no options


Create the button.

Then you will see two options:

email options


Select the email option and copy the text. If you do not see the email tab, you have selected an option that does not allow email links, such as custom text fields or the like. You have to make a very stripped-down button.

Then either copy a Paypal button and insert it as a picture into your page or switch to Text edit and enter the codes found at the bottom of the page:

If you use the text edit to enter the button picture URL, like

<img alt="Buy Now Button with Credit Cards" src="" />

Then switch back to Visual mode.

Then here’s the magic to make this work. In Visual edit mode, click the button picture and select link:

Create link


And then enter the URL you copied from the Email tab in Paypal.

That’s it. You will now have a secure Paypal link with a button in your WordPress page. No plugins, fighting with website code or anything else. WordPress does not support forms, so you must either use plugins or this very easy method. Copying the regular code Paypal generates and entering it into the WordPress Text mode does not work.

This technique does.

More talent than “talent”

More talent than “talent”
One of the great perks of video production is some of the colorful characters one meets when putting together a show. I had the privilege a couple of years ago to meet a throwback from the Gold Rush era.
My company entered into a contract with longtime gold prospector Don Robinson to make a DVD teaching folks the fine art of gold panning. Don’s pretty good at this, in fact he’s a four-time national champion, and has won numerous medals from around the world.
I’ll bet a lot of you didn’t know they even held gold-panning competitions. Well, not only are there such events – they’re worldwide.
Because Robinson is such a fan of this industry he’s created “Don’s Gold World;” visit his site at Don’s Gold World. He’s also president of the Goldhounds club that numbers in the hundreds. The club is one of the reasons he wanted to do the gold-panning instructional video.
Don lives in the heart of the gold country with his lovely wife, Annie. The yellow stuff became their lives almost three decades ago when Don retired and they moved lock-stock-and gold pan into the Sierra Nevada near a town called Iowa Hill. Iowa Hill was once known as the most remote community in the continental United States, and it still doesn’t have electric power or telephone service.
Such an expert at what he does, it took us under a week to shoot the gold-panning video. Our script was simple because Don knew exactly what to say because he teaches the subject all the time. And, if there’s a talent out there easier to work with than him, I want to meet that person.
You can see the trailer of that project either on Don’s site, or visit Timothy Linsdau Productions and catch it there. I’m delighted to say we’ve contracted to do more gold-discovery videos as this industry is more diverse and widespread than I could ever have imagined.
Getting the time has been difficult, though, Don is a busy miner. He spearheads both the U.S. and California gold panning championships each year, and competes in both. In fact, this year he earned a silver medal in the National Mens Skilled division, and a bronze in the Classic division. Not up to his usual standards, but the word is starting to get out – thanks to Don, himself.
“This has been the toughest championships ever,” Don wrote me a couple days ago. “Us old timers are in a fight to survive against some of these new ‘gunfighters.’ The way we win is through experience, technique, and savy.”
For anyone who hasn’t witnessed a gold panning competition I can tell you it’s a marvel that any of them find the gold. It starts with a 5-gallon bucket full of gravel with an undetermined number of gold flakes thrown in. Those flakes are no larger than the head of a pin.
The trick is to pan out that gold in the least amount of time – miss a flake and you’re as good as done for that event. The competition generally runs over two days, except for the Beginner class.
But thanks to Don’s “experience, technique, and savvy,” he’s able to hang in there. But now all that knowledge has been put into Don’s latest DVD and it’s probably one of the reasons those “gunfighters” have gotten so good so fast.
But in spite of it, I’ve made a good friend and delightful partner in Don Robinson. So I say, get to know your talent because there may be a whole lot more to them than meets the camera’s eye.