Burning DVDs using Disk Utility

After completing a project edit in Final Cut Pro X or iMovie, you can create a DVD from those programs.  But how about if you want to make multiple copies or don’t want to risk going back into your timeline, possibly changing your editing.  This procedure will guide you from creating that .IMG file to creating a burned DVD that will play in a regular DVD player.

If you just right click on the .IMG file and select burn, all you will get is a data

Create .img disk file
Create .img disk file

DVD with some files in it that will not play on your computer or in a regular DVD player.  You have to use the Mac’s Disk Utility to create a playable DVD.

Here’s the process:

  1. In FCPx or iMovie, go to File->Share->DVD.  In the settings, chose burn to Hard Drive rather than DVD.
  2. Select a location to save the file to the desktop for easy access.
  3. Find and open Disk Utility (Applications – Utilities – Disk Utility; use Spotlight to find it)
  4. The .IMG disk image file should appear in the left hand column of the drives.  If not, go to File->Open Disk Image… and find your .IMG file.

    Burn from Disk Utility
    Burn from Disk Utility
  5. Click and select the disk image in the left hand column, then click the Burn icon in the top tool bar.
  6. Insert the blank DVD when asked to do so.
  7. Click burn when the option window comes up.
  8. Eject the DVD and try it in your computer or in a regular DVD player.

Using this method to create a DVD will result in a disk that can play in a regular commercial DVD player or a Mac.