Audio effects missing in FCPX 10.1

We have been editing our first long-form video, Flash Photography Introduction, in Final Cut Pro (FCPX) 10.1 for a week.  We ran into Sound effectshaving all of the audio sound effects missing.  We found that if we quite FCP, opened iPhoto, close iPhoto, then re-opened FCP, the sound effects reappeared.

There have been all sorts of strange little bugs with FCPX 10.1.  The worst was editing yesterday.  The machine was grinding to a halt, so we closed FCPX and reopened it.  Our edits from the entire day were gone.

And the automatic backup files were corrupted – they wouldn’t open.

No we snapshot a project prior to closing.  It seems like 10.1 has quite a few bugs.  Our recommendation is to wait for 10.1.1 if you can.