Aaron Linsdau – Director of Photography

Early on in his life, Aaron Linsdau received his first Canon AE-1 from his father and Aaronwas soon hooked on photography.  It did not take long before his interest in technical and artistic media production grew into a full time fascination.  With an engineer’s mind, Aaron pursued and earned a bachelor’s degree in electrical engineering and a master’s degree in computational science.

With those degrees in hand, Aaron was able to explore the world of electronic and software design as a full career.  This was then dramatically redirected with his successful conquering of a solo full distance trip from the edge of Antarctica to the South Pole.  He is the second only America to have ever skied this 700+ mile trip by himself.  He is authoring a book, Antarctic Tears, due out in spring of 2014.  True to form, he is also producing a documentary on the same expedition.

Aaron has worked as a director of photography, cinematographer, director, gaffer, grip and technician on multiple video productions.  His passion for creating a concise, compelling scenes and drives him to make the best out of any budget, large or small.  He is also a commercial photographer, able to deliver complex images to clients on time and on budget.